General Pricing


$ 10 /letter

-Your letter choices matted & mounted onto foamcore

-Choose between a white or black mat

-Ready for framing



See price list below

-Your letter choices matted & framed

-Professionally framed in a quality Decor, black wood moulding

-Ready to hang


Pre-Made Canvases

$ 55 ea.

-30+ pre-designed canvases

-Gallery wrapped

-12" x 21"

-Ready to hang


Customized Canvas

$ 115 ea.

-600+ letter choices

-30+ background options

-Unlimited text possibilities

-12" x 21"

-Ready to hang


Extended Price List

-Total cost for MATTED PIECES
-Includes photographs & matting
-Does not include shipping or tax where applicable

1 letter (8x10 mat size)       $10
2 letters (10x12 mat size)   $20
3 letters (10x16 mat size)   $30
4 letters (10x20 mat size)   $40
5 letters (10x24 mat size)   $50
6 letters (10x28 mat size)   $60
7 letters (10x32 mat size)   $70
8 letters (10x36 mat size)   $80
9 letters (10x40 mat size)   $90
10 letters (10x44 mat size)   $100
11 letters (10x48 mat size)   $110
12 letters (10x52 mat size)   $120
13 letters (10x56 mat size)   $130
14 letters (10x60 mat size)   $140

Sizes are measured from outside edge to outside edge of the mats and are measured in inches. Matted pieces are mounted to foamcore to allow for framing.

What are the shipping charges?

-Shipping is a flat rate of $10 for matted pieces.
-Framed pieces are $15 to ship for the first frame. $2.50 for each additional frame (to the same address).
-We ship using Priority Mail via USPS.
-All of our shipments are packed well and insured.

-Total cost for FRAMED PIECES
-Includes photographs, matting & framing
-Does not include shipping or tax where applicable

1 letter (10x12 frame size)    $25
2 letters (12x14 frame size)   $35
3 letters (12x18 frame size)   $55
4 letters (12x22 frame size)   $85
5 letters (12x26 frame size)   $95
6 letters (12x30 frame size)   $125
7 letters (12x34 frame size)   $135
8 letters (12x38 frame size)   $145
9 letters (12x42 frame size)   $155
10 letters (12x46 frame size)   $185
11 letters (12x50 frame size)   $195
12 letters (12x54 frame size)   $205
13 letters (12x58 frame size)   $215
14 letters (12x62 frame size)   $225

Sizes are measured from outside edge to outside edge of the frames and are measured in inches. Frames are approximately 1 inch deep.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Residents of the state of Pennsylvania are required to pay 6% sales tax. In addition, The Alpha Canvas holds sales tax licenses in a number of other states. Tax will be added upon checkout.