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The Alpha Canvas in Vietnam.

January-March, 2011

One of our highest goals at The Alpha Canvas is to spread hope, joy and love to people on a global level. We hope that our efforts as a business connect in a deep and meaningful way to issues that need attention worldwide. With this goal in mind, we are constantly on the lookout for areas in which we can connect our business to our faith in Jesus. While we recognize that everyone may not agree with our beliefs and ideals, they are a part of us and we hope that by sharing them people understand us and subsequently our art a bit better.

In 2011, we had an amazing opportunity to spend a few months in Vietnam. We partnered with a Christian, orphan-relief ministry Orphan Voice and spent our time volunteering in orphanages and getting to know some of the people of Vietnam. This experience has forever impacted and changed our lives. We witnessed firsthand children who were hungry being fed. We helped pass out blankets to kids who would have otherwise been cold. We walked alongside volunteers who have dedicated their lives to helping and sharing, to giving, and to loving those who would otherwise have had very little.

While we were in Vietnam, we witnessed much need. We saw people with no sanitary drinking water. We encountered people who had very little to eat. We experienced a culture in which there is no freedom of speech or religion. We saw a policeman interrupt an approved religious gathering of foreigners because elections were approaching and they had to "tighten the reigns". Thankfully, we also witnessed much provision and hope. Orphan Voice is there, providing and ministering in a real and tangible way. They are there overseeing orphan care. They are there providing surgery to those who could not afford standard operations. They are there offering physical therapy. They are there teaching and educating against an environment that is prone to trafficking and abuse. They are there sharing peace, hope, love & joy. They are there.

After leaving Vietnam, we have an even deeper passion and conviction to use our business for purposes beyond financial gain and security. We have a commitment to try to make a difference on both a local and a global level. As such, we continue to donate at least 10% of all our sales to organizations such as Orphan Voice. We also have a "Hope" canvas where all of the proceeds of its sales are directly given to orphan care and relief. (The background for this canvas was taken in Vietnam on our trip as well as the "H".) As we proceed with our business into the future, we continue to look for ways to be involved in spreading hope and love in a deep and profound way. We do not know if we will get to return to Vietnam (we sure hope to!) or if we will be traveling elsewhere, but wherever we go, we will be looking to connect to people, to share life and faith, and to maybe get a few alphabet photos along the way.

Thanks for checking in! Keep on designing those alphabet pieces!

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