About Us

Turning everyday objects into extraordinary works of alphabet letter art!

Chris Morris is the photographer behind The Alpha Canvas. Though he did not set out to be a professional photographer, he has been enjoying photography professionally for a number of years. With his wife, Christa and son, Silas, the Morris family searches the countryside, looking for interesting objects that will make unique letter photographs. In doing so, special attention is paid to make sure that no alphabet photo is staged or manipulated. Recently, with the addition of the gallery wrapped canvases, Chris has had the opportunity to showcase some of his other photography. Taking the photographs for each of the backgrounds as well as the letters allows him to photograph and display beauty in a multitude of ways. In addition, Chris takes care and pride in the finish work of the artwork. From the printing and stretching of the canvases to the cutting of the mats and making the frames, Chris performs every aspect of this work.

Our calling & purpose

With each purchase from The Alpha Canvas, 10% of sales will be used to directly support various Christian humanitarian and orphan relief agencies. The Morris family has a heart and a calling to continue to be involved in the Christian mission field and has hopes that The Alpha Canvas will be a fundraising catalyst for stateside and overseas mission trips.

In addition to the 10% of sales that is donated, all proceeds from the "Hope" canvas goes directly to Orphan Voice, a Christian orphan-relief ministry. The Morris family had the great joy and privilege of spending over two months in Vietnam working alongside this organization, and they hope to continue to support the work of this ministry.

With a heart for the hungry, the hurting and the lost, Chris, Christa & Silas hope to be used wherever God places them in life and in business. Having a heart for bringing glory to God through Jesus, the Morris family has a passion for life and for living. They enjoy traveling and seeing new places (always looking for letters as they go along), listening to and participating in music and interacting with people in all of their activities.

Finally, the Morris family would like to grant a blessing upon all who are reading this. If you choose to purchase from The Alpha Canvas, we hope that you find your product to have quality pictures, matting and framing. In addition, we hope that you enjoy the art as much as we do. If you choose not to purchase one from us, we hope that you will be inspired to look at life from a little different perspective, recognizing God's beauty in all of His creation.

Our Process

Create your letter art.

There are currently over 600 letter options for you to design your piece based on your personal style. With so many possibilities, the choices are endless for creating artwork that is completely unique!

Decide how you want your piece finished.

We now offer personalized, gallery-wrapped canvases! You can choose your letters as well as a background & quote. In addition, you may choose to have your piece traditionally matted, or matted & framed.


Once your decisions are made, simply add your designs to the cart and purchase! We will work to have them shipped to you within 5-7 business days.